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Chill the F Out

Lemongrass Sorbet

Music enabled statement wax holderLuxury scented soy wax candle

₹ 1149.0


Burnt out and anxious? Can’t wait to kickback with a beer (or a j)? We’ve all been there. That’s why we made this candle, because baby, its time to chill the fuck out.

Breathe in Lemongrass,
Breathe out bullshi*t.
Smells like lemongrass sorbet, a.k.a tropical beach candy

The Best Bits

Soyalicious wax candle

A clean, slow burn and gorgeous, buttery pools of 100% organic soy wax

Mood(y) Magic Holder

A statement piece that’ll brighten up both your candle and your room. Ta-da!

QR code enabled

A mood-curated playlist so you can jam without doing the hard-work.

Personalised Fragrance

What’s a scented candle without its fragrance. Ours are absolutely divine. #IYKYK


Scan the QR code and let the music play

For customizations email us: customize@butterme.in


One candle holder, infinite possibilities

In a world of fast fashion, we wanted to take it slow. Our candle holders last long and do more than just look pretty. Use it for home decor, to store jewellery, or to collect pens: endless possibilities.