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Hi, you! Welcome to Butterme.

its so nice to meet you

We’re here to help you find your spark (again)

It started with the world going insane: from a global pandemic to crazy politics. We noticed that people were desperate for an escape.

At Butterme, we believe you shouldn’t have to wait for a vacation (or vaccine) to re-discover the spark in life. Celebrate the people and rituals that matter to you everyday.

How? Well, that’s what our candles are here for.

Why Candles?

We believe it is the small things that make all the difference.

Sparking our candles, which are designed as complete sensory experiences (think warm light, good music and the right motivation), is exactly the context you need to make things special.

Say no to procrastination with our “Screw it, let’s do it” candle or say yes to romance with our “You’re a snack” candle. We got you covered.

We created Butterme to be different from other candle companies.

We’re as obsessed with exteriors as we are with interiors.

Let’s face it: most candles look identical and frankly, boring. Not ours. Our candles, personalized for your many moods, ooze personality. Keep one on your shelf & see it become a talking point.

Our candles play music

Most candles are good at a few things: smelling nice and emitting light. We believe in order to truly transport someone away from reality, you need to add in some sound context. You can’t be at a beach if you don’t hear the waves. SO, each of our four mood candles come with a personalized playlist .

Luxury, but for value

Yes, good scented candles tend to be expensive. We are too. But, we’ve strived to provide you the most bang for your buck.

Not only can be it used multiple times with many inner candles, it can also be used to store flowers, pens or just as a statement piece on your shelf.

Luxury, but for value.