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The world’s gone insane. It’s time to exhale the bullsh*t and rebalance priorities. At Butterme, we design luxury candles that help you celebrate the people and rituals that matter the most.

Candles that play music


Butterme candles are anything but ordinary. Our candle holders come with Spotify compatible QR-codes that play music on demand. You pick the mood, we’ll supply the playlist.

For gifting purposes, you can even customize your own playlist! Just shoot us a Whatsapp text or email us.

QR Code

Curated Playlist


Smells Divine

There’s nothing better than walking into a room that smells absolutely divine. A whiff of any of our fragrances is enough to get those senses tingling.

Looks bomb

Candles really shouldn’t be boring. Spice up your bedside table with our signature, mood(y) holders and feel good about not being vanilla.

Delivered to your door

Candles are designed to make you feel good. So we won’t make you work for it. We’re your genie, shipping you light on demand.


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